Most people are worried about the time it takes to attend addiction treatment. Weeks or months cut out of your life focused on your personal healing can seem daunting. But, the process doesn’t stop there. A few weeks of intensive therapy can’t undo addiction—this recurring disorder requires continued care through an aftercare program. 

At Atlanta Recovery Place, we offer intensive and generalized outpatient treatment and sober living to address clients’ overall concerns and needs. By utilizing evidence-based addiction treatment, our clients receive the support and information necessary to maintain sobriety and achieve recovery goals.

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What is an Aftercare Program in Recovery?

Aftercare programming is a critical part of an individual’s recovery journey. Those who work through the struggles of addiction often need more than a month of intensive care to have developed the stability necessary for successful recovery. Aftercare programs continue the treatment through long-term care options that include less intensive versions of addiction treatment. 

Aftercare can include intensive outpatient treatment, generalized outpatient treatment, and sober living. Following structured residential addiction treatment, clients often need to have continued support to be able to maintain their sobriety. Addiction is a recurring disorder that can impact individuals’ thoughts and basic needs. Drugs and alcohol trick the system into feeling like a necessity to have fun, relax, or handle stressful situations. As intensive as residential treatment can be, it can not address each individual’s concerns. Continued care through an aftercare program can provide the support necessary for individuals to continue on their recovery journey. 

One review of research studies calls out the importance of continuing care lasting for at least three months to experience any benefits in the process. The benefits are more significant at six months and one year. 

Why is Aftercare Important?

Aftercare is important because it provides the continued level of support needed through each stage of recovery. In addition, aftercare, through multiple methods, has proven to be a supportive factor in reducing the risk of relapse. 

Research has also shown the importance of structured and licensed aftercare programs. For example, individuals who attended community-based programs like AA or NA were less successful than those who attended a formal aftercare program following residential addiction treatment. 

Outpatient aftercare continues to address the concerns of clients from inpatient care. In an outpatient aftercare setting, clients will continue to meet individually with a therapist or counselor and attend group therapy through the formal treatment program. Individuals can add additional community-based addiction treatment, but it should not be relied on independently. Instead, aftercare focuses on relapse prevention and continuing the 12-step program. 

Are There Outpatient Aftercare Programs?

There are many outpatient aftercare programs. In fact, outpatient treatment is the most common type of aftercare program available to individuals looking to continue their addiction treatment after a more intensive program. 

Following residential treatment, individuals can choose to continue their treatment through intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment. Individuals can also choose to follow up their intensive outpatient treatment with a more generalized course of outpatient treatment that meets fewer times per week and for a shorter amount of time. This is beneficial for clients to continue to learn about, share, and find support through the addiction process. 

How to Find Outpatient Aftercare Programs in Atlanta, GA

Finding outpatient aftercare programs in Atlanta, GA, is not difficult. However, finding effective aftercare programs that focus on the needs of the individuals while creating tailored treatment plans to be the most effective support for clients addressing addiction is much more complicated. 

The answer is Atlanta Recovery Place. Our Atlanta addiction treatment facility is specifically designed to provide supportive care for individuals looking to continue their journey of recovery through structured and formal aftercare programming. This treatment center is ideal for candidates who have finished inpatient or residential addiction treatment and are looking to continue their care through a specialized treatment program. Atlanta Recovery Place uses evidence-based treatment practices to support clients through the recovery process. 

Utilizing the best in behavioral and emotional support methods, our clinicians tailor treatment programs to the individual and can provide extensive treatment options to address those concerns and needs. 
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