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Trauma Treatment in Atlanta, GA

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Introduction to Trauma

Trauma is something that informs the way that many people’s lives develop. It can impact children, teens, and adults in very damaging ways and is often why many people turn to substance abuse as a means to cope. Trauma also has long-lasting and far-reaching effects. A single person can be damaged for their entire lifetime by a single traumatic event, and the effects can spill over into relationships with their family, friends, and other loved ones.

Without proper treatment and learning how to cope with the trauma, it can be easy for it to take over a person’s life and lead to many negative consequences for them and everyone around them. That’s why finding a proper trauma treatment program in Atlanta, GA, is so important. With the proper help and support, a person can take the tools and advice they gain and learn how to minimize the effects of trauma on their day-to-day lives.

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What is Trauma?

Trauma is defined as an emotional response to a terrible event such as violent crime, an accident, natural disaster, or other similar events. After the traumatic event, the way a person feels and reacts is forever changed. 

While it is defined as a primarily emotional response to an event, there are physical, social, and psychological responses that manifest themselves as well. People who suffer trauma often recount seeing flashbacks of the event, feeling intense anxiety, depression, or fear of the event recurring. They may start to become introverted as a result of the event, which can put a strain on interpersonal relationships and makes it difficult to go about their day-to-day life. 

They may also experience physical side effects such as shaking, tremors, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and even bouts of blacking out or memory loss if the memories become too real. 

What’s more, the effects of trauma have a long-lasting impact on the person that they can carry with them for many years or even decades.  

People with conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder often have severe mental and emotional deficits as a result of the trauma that they have been through, and it has been shown that without a treatment program and therapy, it can be challenging to overcome the effects of traumatic events, with some people becoming completely unable to live a normal life because of it.

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What Are the Benefits of an Atlanta, GA Trauma Program?

There are many ways that a person who has gone through trauma can benefit from a trauma treatment program in Atlanta, GA. The most common type of trauma treatment program is an outpatient trauma program. 

Trauma programs work to treat trauma in three different ways, each of which has its own purpose and benefits. 

Dealing With the Causes of Ongoing Trauma 

For many, the reason that trauma takes such a toll on their lives is due to the fact that it continues to resurface often as a result of triggers in their day-to-day environment. A common example is soldiers returning from war zones being triggered by loud noises. 

This would often result in a physical reaction such as wincing in pain, reacting in a combative manner, ducking for cover, and other actions. It would likely even trigger flashbacks of the trauma, leaving them unable to go out into public. 

One of the benefits of outpatient trauma programs is that they teach ways to manage, minimize and avoid triggers as well as symptoms that come along with those triggers so that ongoing traumatic episodes are less likely. 

Another element of this is learning how to reframe the past trauma to make sense of it and give some sort of rationality or closure to the event. This can help with dealing with the present-day effects that past trauma has on a person’s psyche and ability to live a normal life. 

Repairing and Rebuilding Relationships 

Another way that trauma treatment helps is by teaching trauma victims how to socialize and develop long-lasting relationships and repair damaged relationships. Trauma can make people pull away from their loved ones and even act out in harmful and damaging ways as they try to cope with the trauma. 

Trauma treatment helps them deal with these outbursts and reforge the bonds that brought them close to people, while also teaching them how not to project their trauma onto others. 

Learning Coping Skills and Increasing Peace of Mind 

While the goal of trauma programs is to help reduce the impact that trauma has on a person’s life, there is no way to eliminate the impact that the trauma has had or guarantee that it will not still impact their present day in at least some minor way. 

So one last benefit of trauma treatment is teaching a person coping skills to handle the negative thoughts and feelings that crop up whenever they feel triggered or start to reexperience their trauma.

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What to Expect From a Trauma Treatment Program

When you go to an outpatient trauma program in Atlanta, GA, you’ll be greeted by kind and caring professionals who are there to help you learn how to deal with your trauma so that you can live a happy and fulfilling life. 

The treatment process typically begins with an evaluation of your traumatic experience, the types of things you are experiencing or having difficulty with within the present, and what triggers are causing you to relive the trauma. From there, the talented and caring professionals can come up with an individualized treatment plan that meets your specific needs.

No two traumas are alike, and it is important that each approach be unique so that when you meet with therapists and psyche professionals, they can help you deal with your situation. Much of the treatment will revolve around therapies such as talk therapy, which helps trauma victims work through their emotions to figure out how they feel and how the trauma is making them react. 

Other types of treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. Each type of therapy is aimed at different aspects of trauma and how to rewire ourselves and how we behave because of it.

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ARP's Trauma Treatment in Atlanta, GA

You could spend many days and nights searching for trauma outpatient treatment in Atlanta, GA, or going to different therapists and psychiatrists trying to deal with your trauma, or you could come to Atlanta Recovery Place. As part of our dual diagnosis program, we treat trauma and its associated effects, such as substance use disorder and mental illness. 

We have a kind and caring staff that knows how difficult it can be to process trauma, but that getting treatment and learning how to deal with your trauma is the only true way forward. 

Suppose you or someone you know has suffered from a traumatic experience and needs help dealing with the aftermath. In that case, contacting a trauma treatment center like Atlanta Recovery Place as soon as possible is important to get the help you need. 

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