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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Georgia

Introduction to Addiction Treatment

An Overview of Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Addiction is a disease that affects more than 20 million people across the United States. It is one of the leading causes of death, and health emergencies and has officially been declared a national epidemic.

Addiction is complex and can come in many different forms. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, or a combination- profesional treatment is a proven way to overcome it and regain sobriety.  Atlanta Recovery Place, an addiction treatment center in Atlanta, Georgia understands that no two addictions are the same, and we have the tools and knowledge to help you get the unique treatment you need to beat your addiction.

Options in addiction treatment
Keeping You Connected
Understanding the disease

What is Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse is a disease of both the body and the brain that manifests through the repeated use of toxic substances despite their negative consequences. People can develop addiction to:

These substances have a mind altering effect that changes the individual’s natural brain chemistry. The pain signaling chemicals in the body are blocked, and feel good hormones are released at extremely high and unnatural levels. This results in a “euphoric” like sensation, commonly referred to as the substance’s “high”. While the body naturally produces feel good hormones, when exposed to addictive substances it begins to rely on them for the production of these hormones. This leaves the individual feeling both metnally and physically ill when they are without the substance. The more a substance is used, the deeper the addiction and dependence becomes, and here the cycle of addiction is created.

Overtime, the amount of the substance needed to feel high gets higher and higher. This means that what started as one drink or one pill now takes twice or three times as much to get the same effect. Of course, in higher doses these substances become extremely dangerous. Oftentimes chasing the high leads to overdose which can be fatal. In order to prevent overdose or a deeper addiction, professional treatment that includes a detox period is necessary. Until the body is completely flushed of any addictive substances- it will continue to crave and seek a deadly high.

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The Benefits of Addiction Treatment

Why is Treatment Needed?

Professional treatment is the best way to ensure a full recovery from substance abuse. Addiction isn’t just a bad habit, it is a disease that affects the body and mind.

Oftentimes, those suffering from substance abuse are not in the right state of mind to care for themselves. While the drug itself is the addictive portion of the disease, mental health, family and personal health history, as well as life experience all play a role into the formation of addiction. You can stop using, but without addressing all of these aspects, relapse is very likely. Professional drug addiction treatment in Atlanta ensures you have access to experienced doctors, healthcare workers, and licensed psychologists that can tailor a program suited to your needs.

Professional treatment goes beyond getting the drug out of your system. Intensive programs give you the tools to be able to handle any emotional or physical triggers so you can stay sober long term. Treatment connects you with professionals who have extensive experience in treating drug addiction. You’ll also be connected with other addicts going through similar trials through group therapy and workshops.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Discover why Atlanta Recovery Place has over thirty-five 5-star reviews on Google.

"ARP saved my life. Simple as that. When I gave up on myself, ARP was there every second of the way to push me to be the best and drag me out of the deep hole I was in. There are so many great things I could say, so it’s gonna be hard to condense everything. The staff is wonderful."
Mina B.
"I got to ARP in October of 2021 And they were all very welcoming and real. That was the first thing that made it easy to adapt into this new environment. The apartments were extremely nice and the girl community there was solid. During my stay at ARP I was able to work on me mentally, physically, and eventually spiritually. The counselors there are all great."
Jasmine Z.
" have tried to get clean since 2006. Finally I found ARP and they saved my life! These people truly care. They went above and beyond for me and many others. The place is super nice, they take the clients out for bowling, movies, and much more. I recommend this place to anyone struggling with addiction and wants to get there life back!"
Jessica B.
"ARP is a really amazing resource in getting sober. I’ve had many close people in my life go through ARP and thrive after they finish the program there. The staff there is very friendly and goes above and beyond in helping their clients."
Gracey O.
"An absolutely incredible staff of truly dedicated professionals making a profound difference in the lives of those they help each day. Devin, Jeff, Cody and Fulton are truly amazing for the depth of their commitment to helping others"
Ryan W.
"I was desperate at 40 years old & completely without resources. A friend made a call and I ended up at Atlanta Recovery Place. They took me in without insurance or any money. I did, however have a desire to change my life and they all saw that in me and gave me a chance. I recently celebrated 1 year of recovery from all substances. My journey began here and I will always be grateful and happy to have been a part of the ARP community. Sincerely, thank you all!!!"
Joshua P.
"I have really enjoyed being at Atlanta recovery place. The staff here genuinely care about the clients, and are passionate counselors. I have been to other recovery places, and have not felt the same enthusiasm. The staff are also very welcoming, and willing to help with what each client personally needs. "
Emily T.
drug rehab in georgia

Our Program Highlights

At Atlanta Recovery Place, we will provide comprehensive treatment and services that address the specific and unique needs of each individual client. We will provide you with a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and help you to meet your full potential towards living a healthier lifestyle.

At ARP, we offer multiple levels of treatment options. We are aware that everyone progresses through recovery following the timeframe that is most suitable for them. Because of this, your level of care and length of stay will be determined after a comprehensive assessment.

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Atlanta Recovery Place has caring representatives available 24/7 to help you or your loved one when dealing with substance abuse. Request a 100% confidential callback now to start your journey.

Understanding Your Treatment Options

Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Atlanta, Georgia

Whether you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, our addiction treatment centers can help you through the process of detox and intensive outpatient programs in Atlanta, Georgia. While addictions can be very different and require different treatment approaches and  medical care, any of the necessary services needed can be found at Atlanta Recovery Place. Oftentimes, those suffering from substance abuse are addicted to multiple substances and alcohol at the same time. There is no limit to what we can treat. 

The first step in most addiction treatment centers is a full substance detox, although not every substance requires this. For the drugs that do require it however, this is the initial period of time, typically lasting 5-7 days, where the toxic substances are flushed from the body. This is the most difficult and most important step in recovery. A successful detox is the foundation of sobriety, and if any drugs are left in the body, cravings will likely continue. With alcohol, withdrawal symptoms during detox can be fatal, so it’s crucial to be under the supervision of a medical professional. 

Once the initial detox is complete, clients will continue with either an inpatient residential or outpatient program. This part of recovery ranges from 30-90 days and gives you the tools to stay sober long term. Treatment will range depending on the individual but will often include one on one therapy, medicated assistance if needed, relaxation techniques, alternative therapies, group therapies, and more. Once the program is complete there is usually a post recovery program with weekly meetings and other resources to keep you on track. The important thing to look for in your recovery treatment program in Atlanta is a facility that offers treatment for all types of substance abuse and offers a range of services so your unique needs can be met.

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Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment in Atlanta

Our Treatment Program at Atlanta Recovery Place

Our treatment center is located just outside metro Atlanta in Dunwoody, Georgia. We offer treatment for both drugs and alcohol, as well as co-occurring mental health conditions. Atlanta Recovery Place offers intensive outpatient programs that range from 30-90 days.

We also provide sober living in Atlanta, Georgia in our gated community. Our sober living options consist of luxury apartments, which can be either private or shared depending on the level of privacy you desire. Each room comes equipped with tempurpedic beds, Tv’s and an XBox for your comfort and entertainment. You will have access to a pool and tennis court within our gated sober living community. While you relax and work through your recovery, our staff will help you build your resume and life skills so you are prepared to reintegrate into life after recovery. While recovery is not an easy process, we aim to make it as comfortable and successful as possible.

Before curating a treatment program for patients, a full evaluation is done to fully understand your addiction, your mental health, family history, life experiences, and treatment preferences. It’s important that patients are as honest as possible so our team of medical professionals can suggest the right treatment options for you. While every client will have a unique program, you can expect:

Our goal at Atlanta Recovery Place is to give you the foundation of sobriety through our intensive outpatient and sober living programs that give you the tools to stay sober for the rest of your life. With compassion, knowledge, and experience, we can help people from all walks of life find sobriety.

We Work With Most Major Insurance Providers

Most major health insurance providers with out-of-network benefits will help cover the cost of our atlanta treatment program.

Call us or email us to find out your coverage options when seeking treatment for drug & alcohol abuse.

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Admitting you have an addiction is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a brave and important step to walking away from substance abuse and starting a new sober life.
If you or a loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, Atlanta Recovery Place is here to help you take back control of your life. To find out more information about our treatment programs in Atlanta, call anytime at (687) 691-0005.
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