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College Students

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Georgia Addiction Recovery For College Students

Being in college comes with its own share of challenges, and unless you’ve been through it before, there’s not a lot the average college student can do about these issues. When it comes to having an addiction, these issues are not only made worse; they can become serious enough to warrant an intervention and immediate treatment at a treatment facility. The thing is, college students, face some of the most unique challenges in dealing with their addiction because their minds are still growing, and this can mean that the effects that the addiction has on them can be even more severe and difficult to deal with. 

College kids are also under an increased amount of stress, thanks to being in college. For many, they are dealing with heavy course loads, tons of homework, having to work a regular job, and some even are leaving home for the first time. This can compound the issues caused by addiction, weaken a person’s physical and mental health, lead them towards continuing to use, and even develop new problems as a result of dealing with what is going on in their bodies and the outside world. That’s why a customized addiction treatment program developed to help college students is incredibly effective at identifying these issues and teaching college students the most effective ways to deal with them. 

The program we have here at Atlanta Recovery Place is not only made for college students, but everything about it is meant to help with getting over an addiction as a college student, finding out the causes behind the addiction, and getting the types of treatment that most benefit each person’s unique addiction that they might overcome it and stay sober. We are your home for addiction recovery in Atlanta for college students.

ARP is a Georgia addiction recovery center that can help you or a loved one overcome addiction.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Discover why Atlanta Recovery Place has over thirty-five 5-star reviews on Google.

"ARP saved my life. Simple as that. When I gave up on myself, ARP was there every second of the way to push me to be the best and drag me out of the deep hole I was in. There are so many great things I could say, so it’s gonna be hard to condense everything. The staff is wonderful."
Mina B.
"I got to ARP in October of 2021 And they were all very welcoming and real. That was the first thing that made it easy to adapt into this new environment. The apartments were extremely nice and the girl community there was solid. During my stay at ARP I was able to work on me mentally, physically, and eventually spiritually. The counselors there are all great."
Jasmine Z.
" have tried to get clean since 2006. Finally I found ARP and they saved my life! These people truly care. They went above and beyond for me and many others. The place is super nice, they take the clients out for bowling, movies, and much more. I recommend this place to anyone struggling with addiction and wants to get there life back!"
Jessica B.
"ARP is a really amazing resource in getting sober. I’ve had many close people in my life go through ARP and thrive after they finish the program there. The staff there is very friendly and goes above and beyond in helping their clients."
Gracey O.
"An absolutely incredible staff of truly dedicated professionals making a profound difference in the lives of those they help each day. Devin, Jeff, Cody and Fulton are truly amazing for the depth of their commitment to helping others"
Ryan W.
"I was desperate at 40 years old & completely without resources. A friend made a call and I ended up at Atlanta Recovery Place. They took me in without insurance or any money. I did, however have a desire to change my life and they all saw that in me and gave me a chance. I recently celebrated 1 year of recovery from all substances. My journey began here and I will always be grateful and happy to have been a part of the ARP community. Sincerely, thank you all!!!"
Joshua P.
"I have really enjoyed being at Atlanta recovery place. The staff here genuinely care about the clients, and are passionate counselors. I have been to other recovery places, and have not felt the same enthusiasm. The staff are also very welcoming, and willing to help with what each client personally needs. "
Emily T.
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What Do College Students Need to Know About Addiction?

There are a few things that college students should know about addiction that differ from what adults experience. 

For starters, addiction in a college student can cause drastic changes in the brain because it is still developing. This means that if a person starts drinking or doing drugs while in college, they could be doing irreparable harm to their brain. In general, the consequences of abusing drugs and alcohol for college students are more severe than for older adults. Besides developmental health issues, early use of drugs and alcohol can lead to the development of mental health issues, even where there were none previously.

College students are also at a much higher risk of abusing drugs and alcohol, which leads to addiction because of peer pressure and social queues. These outside forces may make a person who was not interested in doing drugs try them anyway. As most people know, addiction affects everyone, and each person is different. For some, it only takes one use to become completely addicted to a drug or alcohol. This means that a harmless experiment can result in an addiction that can have life-altering consequences. Young adults are less likely to get help as well if they are in an environment where they are worried about their appearance or reputation with others, which may mean they try to hide their addiction or cover it up. 

One final thing to be aware of as a college student is that the consequences of an addiction can impact the rest of a person’s life, especially if they don’t get treatment for it. Failing out of college, experiencing financial or legal troubles, causing rifts in relationships, and family can all occur, and at this time in a person’s life, it can be even more detrimental. When added to the fact that young adults are more likely to develop a mental illness, this can make it feel like there is no hope. 

Thankfully there is hope. Atlanta Recovery Place has a program just for college students, and by entering the program, you have a much greater chance of learning the skills to cope with your addiction and returning to a normal life free of drugs and alcohol. 

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How Does Rehab Help College Students With Addiction?

The right-focused rehab program is the best choice for dealing with an addiction. A rehab that starts by getting them off drugs is important, but next, it is important that the right rehab program focuses on the unique issues that college students deal with, like stress and peer pressure. By teaching them how to manage these issues, it is possible to lower their chances of relapsing. 

Treatment also helps by giving students a place to learn why they behave a certain way, the triggers behind that behavior, and an outlet to express feelings and emotions that they might otherwise keep inside. This is crucial for proper emotional development but also for overcoming addiction and learning how to cope without drugs and with the consequences of their actions. This is all part of the healing process. 

Another thing treatment does for college students is give them a place to belong, a sense of community that they need in order to overcome addiction. Sharing experiences with other people who have been in similar circumstances. Much like peer pressure can force a person into using drugs or alcohol, peer support can help them overcome some of these difficulties. Support doesn’t just come from peers though while in rehab, it also comes from the doctors and staff who know what you are going through and why you are struggling. Having support from multiple sources will make a difference in overall recovery compared to trying to go it alone or trying to quit with no support. 

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Let Atlanta Recovery Place Be There to Help You With Your Addiction

Now that you know a bit more about why college students struggle with addiction and how Georgia addiction recovery for college students can help, what are you waiting for? We have a facility filled with kind and caring staff that are ready to treat your addiction and put you on a solid foundation of recovery. We have a wide range of treatment options that work for college students with all kinds of addictions. 

You’ll also benefit from the wisdom of others who have been through similar circumstances. If that weren’t enough, we have access to a network of support groups and services designed to ensure that you stay sober no matter what life throws at you. When you’re finally ready to get the help you need for your addiction, contact us right away and get started on your recovery journey before addiction does you any more harm. 

Atlanta Recovery Place is a Georgia drug and alcohol rehab center that can help you overcome addiction.

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