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Percocets Treatment in Atlanta, GA

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Introduction to Percocets

Every day our doctors prescribe us medication to treat health issues. When they do, they have a particular set of guidelines they have to follow to ensure we are not only getting the right medication for our needs but also to make sure that we aren’t going to end up abusing the drugs that we are given. However, doctors can’t control everything, and there are many reasons why people wind up abusing drugs, even the ones they were prescribed. 

The key to knowing whether your loved one has a legitimate need for medication and whether they are abusing it is to understand how the drug works, what its intended use is, and the signs that someone may be abusing the drug instead of taking it the way it was intended to be used. Once you know that someone is abusing their prescription, it is easier to get them into a treatment program. 

Atlanta Recovery Place is a Georgia addiction recovery center. If you are looking for comprehensive addiction drug treatment in Atlanta, we can help. Don’t let your loved one battle their addiction alone, get help today. 

What Our Clients Have to Say

Discover why Atlanta Recovery Place has over thirty-five 5-star reviews on Google.

"ARP saved my life. Simple as that. When I gave up on myself, ARP was there every second of the way to push me to be the best and drag me out of the deep hole I was in. There are so many great things I could say, so it’s gonna be hard to condense everything. The staff is wonderful."
Mina B.
"I got to ARP in October of 2021 And they were all very welcoming and real. That was the first thing that made it easy to adapt into this new environment. The apartments were extremely nice and the girl community there was solid. During my stay at ARP I was able to work on me mentally, physically, and eventually spiritually. The counselors there are all great."
Jasmine Z.
" have tried to get clean since 2006. Finally I found ARP and they saved my life! These people truly care. They went above and beyond for me and many others. The place is super nice, they take the clients out for bowling, movies, and much more. I recommend this place to anyone struggling with addiction and wants to get there life back!"
Jessica B.
"ARP is a really amazing resource in getting sober. I’ve had many close people in my life go through ARP and thrive after they finish the program there. The staff there is very friendly and goes above and beyond in helping their clients."
Gracey O.
"An absolutely incredible staff of truly dedicated professionals making a profound difference in the lives of those they help each day. Devin, Jeff, Cody and Fulton are truly amazing for the depth of their commitment to helping others"
Ryan W.
"I was desperate at 40 years old & completely without resources. A friend made a call and I ended up at Atlanta Recovery Place. They took me in without insurance or any money. I did, however have a desire to change my life and they all saw that in me and gave me a chance. I recently celebrated 1 year of recovery from all substances. My journey began here and I will always be grateful and happy to have been a part of the ARP community. Sincerely, thank you all!!!"
Joshua P.
"I have really enjoyed being at Atlanta recovery place. The staff here genuinely care about the clients, and are passionate counselors. I have been to other recovery places, and have not felt the same enthusiasm. The staff are also very welcoming, and willing to help with what each client personally needs. "
Emily T.
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What is Percocet?

Percocet is a widely prescribed pain medication used to treat chronic and severe pain. It is the brand name of the opioid drug Oxycodone. Drugs in the oxy family are heavily prescribed for their ability to treat and manage pain. 

Though opioids have been more tightly regulated in recent years due to concerns over the potential for addiction and overdose for patients with severe pain, they are still some of the most used drugs in the country, as there are very few substitutes when dealing with extreme pain. 

Percocets work, like other opioids, by attaching to the pain receptors in the brain and central nervous system and rewiring how the body responds to and feels pain. This makes them so effective and why they continue to be prescribed despite the United States dealing with an opioid epidemic. By slowly changing the way the body responds to pain, the medication is able to not only make it so that pain is manageable, but patients will actually feel less pain, less often over time. 

If you have been prescribed Percocet and are concerned about addiction, contact us at Atlanta Recovery Place today and let us help you determine if you have a problem. 

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Are Percocets Addictive?

All opioids, including Percocets and their generic form, are highly addictive. Like most substances, though, there are specific reasons why the drug is addictive, which may make certain people more likely than others to become addicted to them. 

The first reason why Percocets are addictive is that they alter the brain’s chemistry. This change occurs in the pain receptors. Over time the brain starts to develop a dependency on the drug to function normally. Without Percocet, the person goes into what is known as withdrawal. As such, a person continues to use more and more to fulfill that craving and to make their body function normally. Opioids like Percocet can potentially damage the reward center of the brain as well. 

The second reason why people become addicted to drugs like Percocet is due to the fact that they enjoy the way it makes them feel. This feeling of enjoyment comes from the effects of the drug. Besides relieving pain, the drugs also create a mood-altering euphoric effect. This is what causes some people who don’t even suffer from pain to seek out the drug. 

It is possible for someone who is taking the drug normally to become addicted, which is why opioids have become so tightly regulated.  

Breaking the cycle of addiction without help is nearly impossible. Give us a call at Atlanta Recovery Place to see how we can help you with your Percocet addiction today. 

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What Are the Signs of Percocet Addiction?

If you or someone you know is addicted to Percocet, there are a few signs to look for that may indicate that they are abusing the drug. 

The first thing to note is whether or not they have a prescription for the drug, this is the first indicator that they have access to Percocet. Without access, people can still have the addiction, but it may change their behavior as they will have to seek the drug out. 

If they are using Percocet via a prescription, you may notice that they are using more than the recommended dose. If this were legitimate due to pain, they would need to see a doctor and adjust their prescription. If not, they may be taking more because they are addicted. 

You may also notice that they change the way they ingest the drug. Some people smoke or inject the pills to feel a more instantaneous high. This is a clear indicator of drug abuse and something that should be watched for. They may also become more secretive about when and how they take the medication. 

Lastly, they may stop caring about themselves, their friends and family, and things they once enjoyed in favor of taking the drug or acquiring more of the drug. They may lie, engage in drug-seeking behavior, stop going to work or school and even stop taking care of their personal hygiene. 

Getting your loved one to accept that they have a problem is the first step to recovery. Once they do, the next step is getting them into a treatment program like ours here at Atlanta Recovery Place. 

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Most major health insurance providers with out-of-network benefits will help cover the cost of our atlanta treatment program.

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How to Treat Percocet Addiction

Treatment for Percocet addiction will depend on the needs of the individual. In some cases, traditional detox is enough to start the process, followed by an individualized treatment plan. In other cases, partial hospitalization may be necessary to monitor the health of the person. 

Medication can sometimes be used to counter the effects of an opioid to make it easier to detox and get treatment for the addiction. There are inpatient and outpatient treatment options and more forms of specialized care as well. 

Visit Atlanta Recovery Place, your Georgia Percocet drug rehab, and get started on your recovery journey now.  

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Atlanta Recovery Place is a Percocet Rehab Center in Atlanta, GA

Finding a Percocet addiction treatment facility doesn’t have to be difficult. At Atlanta Recovery Place, our staff is highly trained and ready to help you through each phase of your addiction treatment. 

We have personalized programs, a calm and relaxing environment, and some of the best specialists around so that no matter what your struggle entails, we’ll be there for you from start to finish. 

Don’t hesitate, contact us and ask how we can help get you on the road to recovery for the long term. 

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