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Why Choose Georgia for Addiction Treatment

Introduction to Addiction Treatment

Addiction in Georgia

When you are ready to put struggles with drugs or alcohol in the past, seeking help from an outpatient treatment center in Georgia is the best first step on your journey to recovery.

Outpatient rehab centers provide those struggling with addiction a safe and secure environment where they can receive the care they need to address the complex physical, emotional and spiritual challenges often associated with addiction, while being able to return home each night. Those with severe addiction disorders may require additional treatment from residential or intensive outpatient rehab programs. It is vital for anyone entering treatment for substance abuse to find the treatment option that best suits their individual needs.

Options in addiction treatment
Keeping You Connected
Understanding the disease

What to Expect from an Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Georgia

There are several reasons people choose an outpatient treatment center in Georgia. Although outpatient care can help with a variety of treatment needs, there are particular concerns that almost always benefit from or are best served in an outpatient treatment environment. Examples of these include lack of adequate sober support at home or within the community, co-occurring mental health challenges, having completed a program at a lower level of care before without success, having completed treatment (at any level of care) before and experienced relapse or worries about managing relapse triggers or attending treatment sessions while participating in an outpatient rehab program. 

Acknowledging an unhealthy relationship with substances and choosing to contact an outpatient rehab in Georgia like Atlanta Recovery Place is the first step towards healing from addiction. A recent study released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration suggests addicts who did not seek help from a professional rehab as part of their recovery were more likely to experience relapse before reaching three years of sobriety. The same study also shows that more than 60% of people seeking help at an outpatient treatment center in Georgia maintained sobriety for three years or more after completing treatment. Also, almost 60% of recovered addicts who passed three years sober continued to stay sober for many more years. This study and many others highlight the benefits of seeking professional treatment to overcome drug or alcohol addiction. 

Not all outpatient rehab programs are the same. Although each provides comprehensive treatment care, the structure of each program differs from the others in some way. Most outpatient programs share several common benefits that contribute to the many reasons why outpatient care is so effective in treating addiction. At an outpatient rehab center, you can expect several benefits and amenities such as:

  • Specialized care programs (gender-specific, etc.)
  • Individual therapy sessions  
  • Peer support groups
  • Comprehensive care and guidance
  • Structure and routine 
  • Distance from potential relapse triggers and day-to-day stressors that inhibit recovery
  • Integrated 12-step programs and therapy models
  • Post-treatment skill development and follow-up care
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The Benefits of Addiction Treatment

How Atlanta Recovery Place Can Help

At an outpatient treatment center, we are here to help you as you begin your journey to recovery.

When someone begins recovery from drugs or alcohol, the early days of withdrawal can be the most complex and most challenging. As the body cleans itself from the toxic effects of drugs or alcohol, physical and psychological symptoms of varying severity occur. These can be unpleasant, painful, and in some cases, dangerous. When you seek help at our Atlanta, GA rehab, one of the first and most essential steps on your sobriety journey is to begin by avoiding relapse in the early stages. Available medical support is used to help limit unpleasant symptoms and mitigate potentially dangerous symptoms associated with the detox process. Medically supported detox allows you to focus on getting well while skilled medical and mental health professionals monitor your medical and mental health. 

Managing withdrawal symptoms is vital to a successful recovery program. Studies show you are more likely to remain in rehab if unpleasant withdrawal symptoms are comfortably managed. For someone struggling with an addiction to certain substances such as opioids, alcohol, or benzodiazepines, withdrawal can be dangerous and life-threatening. In most cases, individuals addicted to alcohol, opiates, and benzodiazepines should not attempt to detox “cold turkey” on their own without medical supports present. After detox, Atlanta Recovery Place’s outpatient programs are here to begin building relapse prevention skills immediately.

Another benefit to outpatient rehab is individually designed therapeutic care. At Atlanta Recovery Place, members of our treatment team will work with you to develop a therapy program focused on your unique therapeutic needs and treatment goals. Because addiction and the challenges each person faces while trying to get sober differ widely, the most successful programs are those that focus on the needs of the individual seeking help, not the addiction they are ready to overcome. 

Outpatient rehab centers offer a wide variety of therapeutic options and offer more frequent sessions. Seeing a therapist multiple times per week can help provide the support and guidance addicts in early recovery need to overcome addiction. A frequent connection with members of your treatment team also helps enhance the trusting therapeutic relationship between the patient and their treatment team. Outpatient rehabs like Atlanta Recovery Place help you heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually by providing continuous monitoring and professional support to all individuals in their care. 

Finally, as your outpatient treatment program nears its end, Atlanta Recovery Place’s staff will help you by ensuring you have access to vital aftercare supports. This may include ongoing peer support group meetings, ongoing therapy, scheduled medical appointments, or arrangements to stay in a sober living community for a time after completing treatment. Aftercare is an essential part of any effective addiction treatment program. It provides a safe and secure transition between the highly supportive treatment environment and returning home to your day-to-day obligations. 

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Understanding Your Treatment Options

Our Substance Abuse Treatment in Atlanta, Georgia

At our intensive outpatient rehab in Savannah, GA, our comprehensive programs are designed with your specific treatment needs in mind. As part of each individually designed program, we call upon the success and teachings of the 12-steps to help each of our patients achieve their treatment goals. The guidance of the 12-steps enables you to learn and refine the skills and tools you will use to maintain lasting sobriety. Our integrated 12-step philosophy is based on helping our patients learn more about their addiction and the challenges and struggles that so often lie at the roots of drug or alcohol abuse. As you heal and develop an understanding of what led you to choose drugs and alcohol, it is possible to progress towards lasting health and wellness.

The team at our outpatient rehab in Georgia is here to help you learn more about how a 12-step integrated program can help you achieve your treatment goals. Many members of our treatment staff have struggled to overcome addiction and understand, at a personal level, the challenges you face when deciding to get sober. Addiction is a disease that does not resolve on its own. It is essential to seek help from a treatment center like Atlanta Recovery Place, where each member of the therapeutic team focuses on your specific needs and goals. Let us help you begin your journey to health and lasting wellness through holistic, comprehensive addiction treatment. Contact us today to learn more about our intensive outpatient rehab in Georgia.

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