Addiction is a disease that greatly reduces quality of life, and mental health issues are often behind that. Fortunately, there are treatments available. These include inpatient treatments, outpatient treatments and partial hospitalization.  

There are many mental health centers throughout the country, and you can bet you will find a few in a metropolitan city like Atlanta. When it comes to mental health facilities in Atlanta, Atlanta Recovery Place may just be your best choice. Read on to find out what you can expect from the treatment process.

What Is a Mental Health Facility?

Our mental health facility is a treatment center that offers help for people dealing with addiction and mental health issues. There are inpatient and outpatient treatments available. Often, medical professionals will utilize a combination to help patients overcome their dependency issues. 

When checking into a drug rehab and mental health facility in Atlanta, patients are likely to start treatment with detox from any substances they are on. This process involves cleaning the system so it’s free of harmful toxins. Patients experience withdrawal symptoms at this time, but medical professionals are there to assist and keep them as comfortable as possible while reducing the likelihood of relapse

After the patient completes detox, they are taken in for an evaluation. A therapist conducts physical and mental exams to assess their health and underlying causes of addiction. They use their findings to come up with a treatment plan best suited to the patient’s needs. 

Treatment plans may vary, but most are designed to target addiction at its root and come up with healthy coping mechanisms that reduce the urge to use. 

If treatment is administered in an inpatient setting, the patient is then enrolled in an outpatient program. During this phase, they integrate back to their normal lives while continuing therapy. This provides them the support they need to maintain sobriety. 

In some cases, patients may choose to go through outpatient treatment only. Plans include the following:

  • Partial hospitalization, an inpatient style type treatment that takes place during daytimes only.
  • Intensive outpatient which requires up to 30 hours a week of therapy as patients adjust to sober living.
  • Outpatient therapy which involves regular therapy sessions as needed.

Once outpatient treatment is completed, patients transfer to a sober living facility where they learn the skills they need to be successful. Group therapy sessions are provided to residents.

Are There Mental Health Facilities in Atlanta?

Patients who opt for outpatient recovery will want to find rehab centers near them. That way, they can continue working and seeing their families while they undergo treatment. If they live in Atlanta, they are in luck. There are many mental health facilities in Atlanta to choose from. 

It’s good that Atlanta offers a variety of recovery options, but patients must be careful to find the facility that’s right for them. They should look for a treatment center with a skilled staff that offers a variety of customized therapy options. They should find a clinic that will see them through every step of the way, from detox to treatment to an outpatient program. 

Why You Should Go to Atlanta Recovery Place

If you are looking for rehab centers in Atlanta, look no farther than Atlanta Recovery Place. We take an individualized approach designing a customized treatment plan for each patient. Our staff members are experienced in helping patients get sober and stay sober. We take a family-oriented approach helping to build and maintain strong relationships. 

Patients can choose from a variety of programs including partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and outpatient program options. After treatment is completed, individuals are transferred to a sober living facility. 

Don’t let addiction rob you of your ability to enjoy life. Call Atlanta Recovery Place today. We will give you the tools you need to break ties from dependence and live a happy life. 

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