Choosing a rehabilitation center for drug or alcohol abuse can be overwhelming or difficult regardless of whether you are choosing a drug recovery center for yourself or someone you care about. Drug addiction, also referred to as substance use disorder, is a mental health condition that affects a person’s brain as well as behavior, leading to an inability to control the use of a drug or medication, whether legal or illegal. When a person is addicted, he or she may continue to use the substance regardless of any harm it may cause. 

Often, drug addiction begins with experimental use of recreational drugs in social situations then it becomes more frequent. But for some people, drug addiction can begin with exposure to medications that have been prescribed (either to the or someone they know who shares the medications), such as people addicted to opioids. 

What Is a Drug Recovery Center?

Drug abuse is a horrible condition that can cause significant damage to the lives of addicts and those who love them. Fortunately, treatment is available from drug recovery center professionals and programs that are dedicated to helping addicts along the road to recovery while encouraging and helping them to remain on it. 

Atlanta Recovery Place strives to help our clients make positive changes in their lives by working through maladaptive behaviors. Our clients learn emotional regulation skills, impulse control, healthy coping skills and strategies that will help them refuse drugs to avoid relapse long term. 

The Different Types of Drug Recovery Centers

There are many different types of drug recovery centers. From detox programs to various levels of outpatient drug treatment, there are several options available to people struggling with substance use disorders. Residential or inpatient programs are the most intensive type of drug recovery program while partial hospitalization and outpatient treatment programs offer various degrees of flexibility during the recovery process without requiring clients to pack up their whole lives to live at a treatment center. 

Residential Centers

Residential or inpatient drug recovery center programs allow individuals to stay at the facility round-the-clock – often for no less than 30 days. These arrangements help people battling substance use disorder to focus fully on recovery by removing them entirely from their everyday setting. Residents are in an environment that supports healing, reflection and recovery while being surrounded by caring professionals. 

Partial Hospitalization 

Partial hospitalization programs, often referred to as PHP or partial day treatment, is an ideal option for those undergoing outpatient drug and alcohol treatment who hope to stay at home rather than onsite but still undergo a structured program that will address all aspects of substance abuse. PHPs require clients to be present for several hours a day, at least five days a week.

Intensive Outpatient

An intensive outpatient program is a step below a partial hospitalization program and is a great option for clients hoping to receive long term care for their substance abuse with flexibility. You can receive intensive treatment without having to live onsite while being free to move throughout your recovery process at your own pace so you can experience treatment and normal life at once.

Outpatient Treatment

Some people are better suited for outpatient treatment programs that offer flexibility to live at home while maintaining a normal schedule outside of treatment. Outpatient treatment is designed to offer professional support and care through the addiction recovery process during set times and days for clients. Outpatient treatment programs are the least restrictive treatment programs that are ideal for certain clients. 

Sober Living

Knowing that the early stages of sobriety can be fragile for many people battling addiction, sober living programs are designed to offer a safe space in a community of individuals who are like-minded to encourage sobriety. Sober living homes are luxurious and ensure that clients have everything they need to remain sober during and after treatment. 

How Atlanta Recovery Place Helps With Addiction

At Atlanta Recovery Place, we tailor and individualize each treatment program based on individual client needs. Each of our clients have a unique background, type of drug or drugs used, length of abuse and motivation for seeking treatment. We weigh these factors and help determine the best treatment program and environment for each client in order to help them reach the best outcome for lasting health, wellness and recovery. 

Each client will receive treatment with a therapist as well as a medical doctor. Group and education treatment and alcohol or drug treatment are also part of the recovery treatment regimen. 

Our caring professionals don’t stop there. We know that addiction is usually the result of underlying issues, which is why we seek to treat any mental health disorders that accompany addiction. By helping our clients to get to a healthy mental and physiological state, we help to set them up for a higher chance at success. Reach out to us today for help if you or someone you love are battling addiction. 

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