Mental health and addiction are closely related. Nearly 1 in 4 adults suffer from both a mental health problem and a substance use problem. This alarming statistic depicts a strong association between mental health and addiction that many people aren’t aware of. Atlanta Recovery Place’s mission is to provide comprehensive care according to each client’s individual needs. We understand that recovering from not just one, but two conditions can be extremely challenging. In this article, you’ll learn what dual diagnosis therapy is, and how dual diagnosis treatment centers near Chattanooga that can help you or your loved one get the treatment they need to live a healthy life.

Since mental health disorders are often invisible, they can be difficult to recognize and diagnose. Yet, for those battling with both a mental disorder and substance abuse, otherwise known as dual diagnosis, it’s essential to seek treatment for both conditions to achieve long-term sobriety and live a happier, healthier life.

Atlanta Recovery Place provides tailored outpatient addiction treatment plans to achieve long-term recovery. Contact us today so we can help you on your road to recovery. 

What Does Dual Diagnosis Mean in Addiction Treatment?

Dual diagnosis refers to when someone is struggling with both a mental disorder and substance abuse. These problems typically occur together and can heighten the severity of each problem.

To effectively treat dual diagnosis, the individual must undergo treatment for both the mental disorder and their drug or alcohol problem. Failure to treat both conditions can result in subsequent relapse and suffering with symptoms of their mental disorder. 

Mental health disorders vary. Whether you are suffering from depression or bipolar disorder, although some symptoms may overlap, it’s essential to understand that different mental health disorders require different treatment plans tailored uniquely to the client’s needs. Therefore, an accurate diagnosis of the mental health disorder is often a critical first step in dual diagnosis treatment.

What is a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center?

A dual diagnosis treatment center offers mental health and addiction treatment customized to the client’s needs. Mental health disorders, like substance use problems, are not all the same. Therefore, treatment centers will first aim to diagnose the mental health disorder so they can better create an effective treatment plan to treat that particular mental health and substance use disorder.

From there, the dual diagnosis treatment center will create a customized plan to treat both conditions simultaneously and effectively.

What Does Dual Diagnosis Therapy Entail?

Dual diagnosis therapy includes a variety of treatments depending on the client’s needs. First, dual diagnosis therapy includes stopping any drug or alcohol use. Then, behavioral therapy, talk therapy, medication, and support groups are all common treatment options depending on the client’s unique diagnosis and needs.

The main objective is to treat both mental health and substance use issues at the same time. This is because, for example, clients may often experience a relapse in the long run after receiving addiction treatment if they also don’t receive treatment for their mental health issues.

Are There Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers near Chattanooga?

Yes, there are many centers for treatment for dual diagnosis in Chattanooga. One of the key first steps for recovery is researching and finding a treatment center right for you. The Atlanta Recovery Plan is one of the several dual diagnosis treatment centers near Chattanooga. 

A Chattanooga, Tennessee drug rehab facility provides a safe and supportive environment to help those struggling with addiction and mental health. Whether you suffer from depression, PTSD, or bipolar disorder, the Atlanta Recovery Plan is here to help you every step of the way to seek the treatment you need to achieve long-term recovery from both your mental health and substance use problems.

Atlanta Recovery Place Provides Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Treatment near Chattanooga

The Atlanta Recovery Place provides one of the top locations for comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment centers near Chattanooga. We understand that every client has their own unique needs. Therefore, we provide custom treatment options for each client to receive the consistent, effective care they need to lead healthier lives. 

Don’t fight your mental health and substance use issues all on your own. Our staff is here to provide constant support, care, and addiction treatment services necessary to live a life free from addiction. Contact us so you can start your journey to recovery today.

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