Finding the perfect drug rehab facility is not always an easy task, especially finding one that meets your individual needs. No two people or addictions are alike. At Atlanta Recovery Place, our addiction treatment in Georgia understands the difficulties in finding a drug rehab and the right time to go to that addiction treatment facility. Today we will discuss the different types of addiction treatment options you can pursue and what they entail. 

What Is Addiction?

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, addiction is a chronic, but treatable, medical disease involving complex interactions and connections between an individual’s environment, their genetics, and their life experiences. 

These individuals that have an addiction, abuse substances and engage in compulsive behaviors that have negative consequences. Addiction is a disease, just like heart disease. The only difference is that an addiction is a disease of the brain. This addiction does not mean that that individual is a bad person, it just means that they have a disease and may be struggling to recover from that disease. 

Types of Drug Rehabs in Georgia

There are numerous avenues of addiction treatment someone can pursue. Here at Atlanta Recovery Place, we want to provide services to help each of our individual clients find recovery and lifelong sobriety. We also want to use this time to describe some of the practices that alcohol rehab in Georgia and drug rehab in Georgia follow. Our facility provides many different services and a lot of information during our clients stay that assist in their recovery process and set them up for lifelong sobriety. Below we have provided some of our treatment options (and options that other facilities may have) and information regarding each one:

  • Detox – After the client realizes that they need help with their addiction, this is usually the first step within the recovery process. This is when the client “gets off” of the substance and may suffer from withdrawal symptoms. The facility should help ease those symptoms every step along the way.
  • Partial hospitalization – This treatment occurs during the day and usually offers a program that addresses and helps with both the mental and physical aspects of substance abuse. This program helps with all kinds of addiction, substance abuse, co-occuring mental health disorders, etc.
  • Intensive outpatient – These outpatient programs usually have the clients come to the facilities to receive treatment. This treatment usually includes individual counseling, group therapy, and alternative therapies. The individual counseling is working with licensed professionals with one on one therapy. Group therapy is where clients can talk to each other about their experiences and to help build community. Alternative therapies include things such as art therapy, acupuncture, exercise, learning healthy life skills, etc.
  • Outpatient program – This kind of outpatient program is like the intensive outpatient program, but allows for even more freedom. This program allows their clients to maintain a normal life schedule and also has at-home flexibility. This program is suited best for those with a strong support system, a less severe addiction, or someone who has previously had an addiction. 
  • Sober living – This program offers clients with a sober community to live in and also provides long-term aftercare once the inpatient treatment is over. This after-care provides our clients with support and the care that they need to continue to succeed after treatment.

Choosing the Right Alcohol Rehab in Georgia for You

Each client has their own unique and individualized treatment path. Reaching out to someone is the first step in getting treatment. Doing your research is important in finding the right treatment path, especially in understanding what program would best fit your individual needs and your schedule. Understand that you need to find time to make your recovery a priority so you can be back to loving the life that you have. Choosing the right rehab program may be difficult, but it is crucial in your process to recovery and overcoming your addiction.  Reach out to us, a specialized drug rehab in Georgia, today, to find you, or a family member’s, unique and individualized addiction treatment care. 

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