It’s a huge life decision to decide to overcome a heroin addiction. Once you decide you are ready to quit using heroin, the next big decision to make is finding the right addiction treatment center for you. Well, look no further as  Atlanta Recovery Place, located in Dunwoody, Georgia, is a great option for you. Today we will provide you with information about what heroin addiction is, how to find the right heroin rehab program for you or someone you love, and how we can help you! 

The Signs of Heroin Addiction
There are various signs of heroin addiction/ heroin use. The most common signs include:

  • Sleep/dream-like state (Heroin can make people feel sleepy)
  • Slow cognitive response
  • Slow physical movements
  • Someone’s eye pupils become very small
  • Physical marks on one’s body/skin from where the needle went (when people inject heroin

Please note the above mentioned isn’t a comprehensive list as addiction and signs of addiction can be different for everyone. Heroin has also been known to change the function of one’s brain (or change the way in which your brain works). This change in function can make it hard to stop using heroin, and the body can become very confused and get sick when trying to stop. These illnesses are called withdrawals. Withdrawals from heroin may include things such as:

  • Pain in one’s muscles and bones
  • Chills
  • Get sick/nauseous/throw up
  • Have insomnia or be unable to sleep
  • Feel nervous or anxious
  • Feelings of being itchy

How to Find the Right Heroin Rehab Program for You

When searching for the best heroin treatment program for you, it is important to consider many different things. These things include finding a treatment program that is individualized to you and meeting your specific needs. Some things that you should consider when looking into a treatment program is:

  • Your age: If you are an older adult or a teenager, there may be places that you can receive treatment with people who are around your age.
  • Your gender : Depending on your gender there may be certain inpatient facilities/sober living places that are just for your gender. Some people prefer to only be around their gender while getting sober, others do not. 
  • The drugs/drug that you are abusing: There are certain treatments that may be better depending on the drug that you are using.
  • Your health history/whether or not you have mental health issues : There are treatment programs that can treat co-occurring disorders (treatments that will treat your addiction while treating your mental health issue/mental illness).
  • The cost of treatment: This is important in considering especially if you don’t have insurance. It may also be important in looking into whether or not they have some form of financial support for individuals with low incomes or no insurance. 
  • How much your insurance covers: If you have insurance, but are still on a tight budget you should consider different treatments that have cheaper options or treatments that have more coverage through your insurance company. 
  • The amount of social support you need : If you don’t feel like you have enough support from family or friends, it may be beneficial to receive treatment that comes with peer support. If you don’t have a safe place to live, you may want to consider inpatient treatment or an outpatient program with a sober living home.

Different treatments for drug addiction at rehab may include things such as:

  • Behavioral counseling/therapies (such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, multidimensional family therapy, motivational interviewing or incentives, recovery housing, short-term residential treatment, etc)
  • This can help to modify one’s attitude or behavior related to drug use
  • Increase one’s healthy life skills
  • Receive this treatment with other forms of treatment (this could include medication)
  • Medications
  • Treatments for withdrawal symptoms and skills training
  • Treatment for co-occurring disorder/mental health disorder
  • Long-term follow-ups to prevent a future relapse

How Atlanta Recovery Can Help With Your Addiction

Here at Atlanta Recovery Place, we give our clients many different options for their addiction treatment and their recovery process. We know that no two addictions are alike, and will treat everyone as an individual. Please reach out to us today to learn more about our addiction treatment program. Our staff is waiting for your call! 

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