When it comes to using substances, no one starts out thinking they will become addicted. When individuals use the party drug, cocaine, no one thinks this will change their brain chemistry and how they think and react for the rest of their life. But it can. Learn more about the outpatient cocaine treatment programs at Atlanta Recovery Place today.

Get your life back with Atlanta Recovery Place. Our outpatient cocaine addiction treatment programs are designed for individuals who are ready to combat the challenges of addiction head-on. We provide multiple pathways to success through individually designed treatments and a combination of psychological and physical health treatments. Through Atlanta Recovery Place, we help clients focus on their recovery and sobriety goals with long-term planning and sober living opportunities for clients.

Atlanta Recovery Place is a Georgia addiction recovery center that can help you overcome addiction. Learn more about the outpatient cocaine treatment program at Atlanta Recovery Place today.

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a stimulant drug that impacts the central nervous system. It stimulates the body’s performance to increase the speed with which it functions. However, while many stimulants can be used safely when prescribed by a doctor, cocaine is not one such substance. Cocaine works quickly and wears off quickly, as well. The euphoric high created through cocaine use is associated with increased risky behavior and linked to increases in sexually transmitted diseases. 

Because cocaine wears off so quickly, many individuals take multiple “hits” or “bumps” of the drug. This is called bingeing. It keeps the user at a sustained high and postpones the after-use crash associated with stimulant highs. This overloading of cocaine in the system through binge use increases the likelihood of overdose and psychological damage related to misuse. 

How Does Cocaine Affect the Body?

Cocaine can affect a person’s physical and psychological faculties. Cocaine is an addictive substance, and as such, it has the potential to impact not only a person’s present but also their future.

Physically, cocaine speeds up the body’s functions. This means that it speeds up heart rate and blood pressure. It can increase a person’s body temperature and the dopamine output in the brain’s reward center. These increases in essential bodily functions are directly related to heart failure and aneurysms in individuals who are at a higher risk for those health disorders.

Cocaine also has a significant psychological impact on the body. Because cocaine is associated with an increase of dopamine in the reward center of the brain, the brain will react positively to the substance. Cocaine is associated with a higher incidence of risky behaviors and hyperfocus on a specific target. This euphoric high, however, can turn into psychosis and extreme paranoia if too much of the substance is taken. The addictive nature of cocaine also means that for individuals who are unable to stop using, they are at a higher risk for a psychotic break. 

Are There Outpatient Cocaine Addiction Treatment Programs?

The potential that cocaine has for addiction and its overall impact on the body indicate a significant need for robust and focused cocaine addiction treatment programs. It is through these cocaine outpatient rehabs that clients can rebuild their lives while battling an addiction to the toxic substance. 

Outpatient substance abuse treatment for cocaine is not uncommon, but it can be challenging to find openings based on the needs of the community. Individuals addicted to cocaine are at risk of substance use relapse. According to a study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 40-60% of individuals who receive outpatient cocaine addiction treatment may experience one or more relapses. 

How Does Outpatient Cocaine Rehab Work?

Georgia outpatient addiction treatment for cocaine can be challenging for individuals, but sticking with the process and focusing on changing those core beliefs that lead an individual back to use, can have a life-changing impact on those who attend cocaine outpatient rehab.

At Atlanta Recovery Place, we focus on offering individuals multiple pathways to success through our comprehensive outpatient programming. We utilize holistic measures to help clients work towards their long-term sobriety goals. Our clients can work to recover the life they lost to substance abuse through traditional cognitive behavioral therapy opportunities, alternative holistic physical health activities, and life skills training. Our Georgia drug and alcohol rehab center offers a variety of programs and therapies that can help treat addiction and dual diagnosis. Contact Atlants Recovery Place today to learn more about our outpatient cocaine addiction treatment program.

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