Addiction can significantly impact not just the lives of addicts, but the families, friends, and loved ones in their lives. While addiction resources and support are available to addicts to break free of addiction, resources for families of addicts are also essential. 

At Atlanta Recovery Place, we offer addiction treatment services in Georgia, and are committed to providing comprehensive treatment to help you or your loved one on your road to recovery. Clients receive individualized treatments, whether it be for drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and more, we’re here every step of the way on your road to recovery. 

Family healing is an important aspect of our center’s philosophy. We are committed to not only providing the resources and support for you to live a sober life, but we also use a family-oriented approach to rebuild relationships that may have been fractured by addiction.

In this article, you’ll learn more about how addiction impacts families, support groups that are available to addicts, and the resources available to families of addicts. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, contact us today so we can help you on your road to recovery.

How Does Addiction Impact Families?

While addiction is an extremely isolating, personal experience, there’s no denying that addiction can impact an addict’s whole family. This is because substance abuse inevitably physically, mentally, and emotionally changes the addict, destroying relationships in the wake of addiction. 

Conflict and secrecy can become second nature to an addict’s behavior, which is unhealthy and harmful to any relationship, either within your family, friend circle, or professional relationships. Not only do families struggle to communicate with their loved ones suffering from drug addiction, but many families can feel helpless and not know where to turn or how to help their loved ones suffering from addiction.

In 2017, it was estimated that 1 in 8 children (aged 17 or younger) lived in a household with at least one parent who suffered from a substance use disorder in the last year. This shocking statistic shows just how many children’s lives are impacted by a parent suffering from addiction.

Children growing up in homes where one or both parents are addicts can significantly damage the child and cause mental, emotional, and physical trauma. This is because addiction and substance abuse is oftentimes associated with increased aggression and violent behavior. Constant exposure to a household filled with conflict as a result of addiction can leave a lasting feeling of unworthiness and instability in the child’s life. Many children in extreme circumstances may even be separated from their parent(s) and placed into foster care.

Are There Support Groups for Families of Addicts?

There are support groups that exist where families of addicts can come together and share their struggles of having a family member suffering from addiction. These support groups can provide a safe environment for families to connect and gain a sense of community with other families suffering from similar circumstances. Support groups provide a family the ability to open up about their struggles in the hopes of finding forgiveness and the ability to live a more healthy, peaceful life.

Support groups may vary. Some support groups are held in hospital rooms, online, or in a shared community space such as a church or office space.

How to Find Resources for Families of Addicts

Addiction support for families is important. That’s why finding resources for alcoholics families is critical so families can receive the support they need to connect and openly express their feelings in a safe space. You should never blame yourself for your loved one struggling with addiction. 

To find resources for families of addicts, consider researching local support groups in your area. Online support groups are also available for those who may live in an area where support groups are limited. Some addiction treatment centers may even offer some resources for families of addicts. 

At Atlanta Recovery Place, we understand how hard it can be for families of addicts to suffer from watching their loved ones change before their eyes due to addiction. Our treatment center provides a comprehensive approach to not just provide support and resources for your loved one to overcome addiction. But, we also provide a family-oriented approach to help repair relationships that have been fractured at the hands of addiction.If you or someone your know is struggling with addiction, contact us today so we can help you live a life free of addiction.

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