Rehabilitation and recovery does not have to be a burden for someone who is trying to maintain a sober life. Within outpatient recovery programs you can continue to work while going through the process of sobriety. At our facility Atlanta Recovery Place, we’re here to help anyone with addiction (who wants help of course). We also hope to inform the general public about addiction & effective ways it can be treated. Keep on reading to learn a little bit more about outpatient rehab and how it helps with addiction recovery. 

What Is Outpatient Rehab?

What is outpatient treatment? Outpatient rehab is a treatment style that offers individualized, unique treatment that allows for flexibility in a recovery addicts schedule. This treatment is for a recovering addict who wants to continue to work and spend time with others (including families, friends, etc.). This gives them the ability to experience addiction treatment and recovery while continuing to live their life. The cost of outpatient is also significantly lower compared to inpatient treatment (this is because you don’t have to pay for any living costs.).

The above mentioned are just a few of the benefits of outpatient treatment programs. During these outpatient treatment programs clients typically become engaged in individual therapy, group therapy, life skills workshops, mindfulness practices, and relapse prevention. The individual therapy may consist of cognitive behavioral therapy or dialectical behavioral therapy. Once again, the addiction treatment plan is based on your specific needs and will be individualized/unique to you.

Why You Should Go to Outpatient Treatment for Addiction

There are many reasons why an individual should partake in an outpatient treatment program for their addiction. Once again, outpatient treatment programs include many different benefits. These benefits include things such as:

  • Flexibility – The outpatient treatment programs provide less restrictions and more flexibility. This program works with and around  your schedule, and it also helps provide resources that fit your needs.
  • Cost – Because there is no need to pay for living arrangements, the costs of the outpatient treatment programs are substantially less than the costs for the inpatient treatment programs. 
  • Maintaining a “normal” life – When taking part in these outpatient treatment programs our clients can still maintain their normal life, such as work, family time, talking with peers, etc. This provides freedom and the ability for our clients to take responsibility, and find accountability. While this is the case, we still recommend and encourage finding a sober community to engage in, even while living the client’s normal lifestyle.

These are just a few of the benefits to engaging in an outpatient treatment program. Outpatient rehab can be used as a followup to an inpatient treatment program or as stand alone treatment. No two addictions are alike, therefore everyone’s course of treatment will vary a bit. Using outpatient rehab as a standalone treatment also usually depends on the severity of the addiction and the support system that the client has within their life. 

How Atlanta Recovery Place Can Help

Here at Atlanta Recovery Place, we provide specialized treatment for our clients so they can achieve their recovery and sobriety goals. We provide outpatient treatment programs that usually last a few hours a day on certain days of the week. These outpatient programs typically range from 30-90 days. When a client is engaged in these programs and on the facility grounds, the clients have access to different amenities in this facility. These amenities include things such as  our tennis courts, pools, and the atmosphere of our gated sober community. 

There are three types of outpatient treatment programs here at our facility. We have a traditional outpatient program that provides a more laid back approach and solution to substance abuse and recovery. Our intensive outpatient treatment program is suited for a complex recovery including those struggling with not only substance abuse, but also a co-occuring disorder. Our partial hospitalization program is the most intensive, allowing the clients to focus solely on recovery daily. Reach out to us today to figure out which treatment program best fits you and your schedule!

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