It’s not simple going back to ‘normal life’ after getting addiction treatment, and we completely understand that. In all honesty, it can be a struggle to find the support that is needed to continue remaining sober post addiction treatment. Recovery and sobriety are a lifestyle, some to be worked at daily in order to maintain it. 

Sober living homes are a way for recovery addicts who have gone through treatment to continue to be surrounded by others who have been through the same type of things, and have the same type mindset when it comes to sobriety. Here at Atlanta Recovery Place, we have many different addiction treatment options available, including sober living to help our clients succeed in their recovery process. Within this article, we describe what sober living homes are, the benefits of sober living, and how we can help.

What Is a Sober Living Atlanta? 

Sober living is a type of aftercare which provides recovering addicts with a safe space/community of like minded individuals. Within a sober living community, staff and residents encourage each other to remain sober during the early stages of sobriety and independence after recovering from substance abuse. A sober living environment has many different benefits and offers long term care after inpatient addiction treatment to ensure that recovering addicts are being set up for success. 

At our facility, Atlanta Recovery Place, we provide an atmosphere where residents are allowed leave to go to work, to see family and friends, and to go to different leisure activities, while living in our sober living community. This type of freedom is allowed as long as residents follow the house rules. When living in a sober home, you are committing to a sober lifestyle. This means that sober living rules basically state that you should remain sober while living in this sober community (which makes total sense). When someone within the sober living community/house is not committed, it affects everyone and everyone’s recovery process.

Benefits of Living in a Sober House

There are many different benefits of living in a sober house. Some of the benefits include things such as:

Having Extra Support After Treatment 

Once addiction treatment ends and normalcy comes back into play, it can be difficult to still feel the same amount of support while gaining more freedom. Living in a sober home/community can grant the residents with the support that they need while becoming more independent.

Sober Peers

Living within a sober home/community can provide residents with opportunities to build friendships with others who have the same recovery goals in mind.

Sober Environment 

A sober environment is crucial for individuals who are overcoming an addiction and going through the recovery process. This type of environment is known to help recovery addicts hold each other accountable for their actions. When living in a sober home or in a sober community, this can provide an environment which does not pressure individuals to go back to using the substances that they once did.

Reducing loneliness

Sober living homes are also known to reduce loneliness amongst recovery addicts. It can be difficult for individuals who feel like they are going through this recovery process alone to remain sober, so living with others who are going through the exact same recovery process  can provide a sense of togetherness. 

Find Your Home at Atlanta Recovery Place

Here at Atlanta Recovery Place, we have a sober living option for our clients to continue their recovery process after treatment. This provides the residents with freedom, but also a sense of accountability. Within our sober living, there is privacy but also house meetings, check-ins, and follow-ups with staff that will help you within your recovery. 

Sober living is a safe place where you can value freedom, gain support, and continue the journey within sobriety. Reach out to us today to gain more information about this sober environment after treatment and gain more accountability (while gaining freedom)!

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