You can find addiction treatment programs all over North America, but there’s a reason that you’ll see a lot of them located in desirable vacation spots. Where you choose to enter addiction treatment is just as important as the program itself.

The trouble with many of these destination recovery centers is that they typically seclude patients from the real world. It can be easy to detox and enter addiction recovery in a wide open desert or peaceful island getaway, but what happens when you return home and are suddenly back in society? This is why at Atlanta Recovery Place, we offer patients the opportunity to recover from addiction in a beautiful, exciting urban location. Here in Atlanta, patients can learn real-world coping methods and are able to learn how to maintain sobriety while navigating a society that doesn’t always make it easy.

Why Travel for Addiction Treatment?

If you are not already located in Atlanta, you may wonder why traveling here for addiction treatment would be worthwhile to you. The truth is that many people are best able to detox and enter addiction recovery when they are removed from their everyday lives. Even just packing up and traveling to a new location for treatment can build up excitement and mark the occasion as you making a big, important change for the better.

Here in Atlanta, you will be in a warm, beautiful location while still being able to explore new places and meet new people. You will be able to get away from your old life that allowed you to succumb to substance abuse in the first place. In addition to being offered an escape from your old environment, traveling to a city for addiction treatment can provide several other benefits:

  • Gain new perspective – Especially when traveling to a bustling metropolis rather than a remote location, you have the chance to get a fresh new take on life. You’ll see everyday life filled with potential and new ideas.
  • Get away from enablers – Even well-meaning loved ones can often enable your addiction without realizing it. Other times friends see substance abuse as not a problem and may even encourage it directly. Going away for treatment allows you to get a break from this unhealthy environment and can help you learn ways to deal with it.
  • Change your habits – After going through detox, you can begin learning coping skills for real-life habit changes. You have the opportunity here to curb your own impulses and start practicing healthy alternatives to substance abuse.
  • It’s harder to give up – When you are attending addiction treatment away from home, it will be harder for you to just call it quits and head back to your house when things get tough. Being in a new place will help keep you focused and determined to see your addiction treatment program through to the finish.
  • Give yourself privacy – It can be tough to keep your privacy when attending a program close to home. Going away allows for some important self-reflection while surrounded by people who don’t already know you or the things you’ve done.

Sober Activities in Atlanta

It’s normal to feel apprehensive about attending addiction treatment in a metropolis, but Atlanta is a particularly good city for those who are working to overcome addiction. Not only is the area home to a large, supportive community of people in addiction recovery,  there is a plethora of safe, healthy activities you can participate in day after day.

For example, there are over 100 coffee shops around Atlanta that give you a place to hang out in public without any pressure of drinking or engaging in substance abuse. Other engaging, safe daytime activities include museums, the World of Coca-Cola, city parks, carriage rides, segway tours, etc. As for evening activities you can do sober, many local movie theaters do not serve alcohol or keep it in a secluded area with no pressure (check out the Starlight Drive-in theater). There are also some local recreation centers that offer alcohol-free activities for all ages in the evenings.

It’s also worth mentioning that in 2019, Atlanta Magazine noted the rise of non-alcoholic cocktails in bars and restaurants throughout the city. Thanks to a strong sober community in the city, the growing demand for safe alternatives has resulted in a changing food and beverage culture. The increase in alternative options will help you handle your urge to consume unhealthy substances.

Reach out to Us for More Information

When you’re ready to make the changes you need for a healthy life, reach out to our team at Atlanta Recovery Place. Our specialized care embraces both time-tested traditional methods and advanced modern techniques to help you achieve the life of sobriety you deserve.

It’s important to note that traveling for addiction treatment is not for everyone. Some people do better in situations where they know family and friends are close by, while others simply don’t feel they have the time or the means for travel. It is important to speak to an addiction counselor about your specific needs and concerns before making any decisions. Contact us today!

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