Each and every day people are prescribed prescription pills by their doctors. Whether these prescriptions are used for sleep aid or for pain relief, these drugs can be very addictive when used improperly. Here at Atlanta Recovery Place, we understand how hard it can be to overcome an addiction to something that has been prescribed to you.  We want to make this recovery process easier for our clients and help them every step of the way.  within this article via provide information on why prescription pills can be so addictive, how individuals obtain prescription pills, and signs that someone you may know could be addicted to prescription medication.

Why are Prescription Pills Addictive?

Prescription pills, such as sleeping pills and tranquilizers, drug abuse if very common. One of the reasons why prescription pills are so addictive is because of drug dependence and tolerance. Individuals take prescriptions for a certain reason and over a certain period of time. During this time, one’s body can become dependent on a drug whether psychologically,  physically,  or both. This can cause an uncontrolled desire to experience the euphoric effects that the drug causes and can even be used to prevent some of the unpleasant effects of withdrawal from the drug.  When abusing this drug the body will build up a tolerance and the individual taking the drugs will have to increase the dosage to receive the same results. Because this person has become physically dependent on this prescription,  the body has adapted to the strength of the drug that when this person tries to quit it will cause withdrawal symptoms. 

How Does Someone Obtain Prescription Pills?

Prescription pills can be obtained through a plethora of different ways. One way that someone Could obtain prescription pills is from someone that they trust and may see often such as Physicians, Healthcare professionals, pharmacists, etc. Another way to get prescription pills is from patients, students, and even White Collar criminals. People also get pills from drug dealers,  tourists, nightclub owners, and many other kinds of people. When someone gets hurt they may receive medication from their physician and after they cannot receive that medication anymore (because they don’t have the injury anymore) they may turn to drug dealers or other individuals to receive their pills.

Signs My Friend is Addicted to Prescription Pills

There are many different signs of prescription pill abuse and opioid abuse. When people become addicted to drugs they may change their behavior. Some of the possible signs are:

  • Changing friend groups or socializing with different people.
  • Spending much more time alone and avoiding family/friend activities.
  • Losing interest in activities that they once enjoyed.
  • Not having good hygiene such as bathing, changing their clothes, or brushing their teeth.
  • Being very distant, tired, and sad.
  •  Differences in appetite such as eating more or eating less.
  • Being overly energetic, and doing things such as talking too fast or saying things that don’t make sense.
  • Being nervous, anxious, cranky, Etc.
  •  Having mood swings / changing moods very quickly.
  •  Sleeping at odd hours.
  •  Missing important events, or appointments.
  •  Getting in trouble with the law and doing illegal activity.
  •  Not retaining their schedule or attending work/school.
  •  Financially in need/experiencing hardship financially.

If you know someone who is experiencing these signs make sure that you are loving them and supporting them while helping them overcome the addiction. It may be important to help this individual seek help or even have a professionally handled intervention with them.

How Atlanta Recovery Place Can Help

Here at Atlanta Recovery Place, we want to help you get help, or help you to get help for someone you love.  Addiction can be scary and hard, but we want you to know that you are not alone throughout this process. We provide individualized treatment plans for each of our clients because we realize that each of our clients’ needs are different. Reach out to us today to get help,  to start your recovery process, and to gain support along the way.

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