Quitting something isn’t always simple, especially if it’s something that you enjoy. Drinking alcohol can be enjoyable, and seem like something to partake in at social events, but this can lead to damaging habits and even a future addiction. At Atlanta Recovery Place, we want to provide information and resources for anyone looking to quit drinking alcohol. 

The Dangers of Alcohol

Although alcohol can be purchased legally in the United States, it is still a mood alternating substance and can be abused. There are many different dangers involved when partaking in alcohol. According to the CDC, these risks range from extremely small risks to extremely severe risks. These risks include things such as:

  • Alcohol poisoning – This is when an individual’s blood alcohol level is extremely high and can even lead to death. 
  • Injuries – These can consist of car accidents, drownings, burns, and falling down. 
  • Violence – This can consist of domestic violence and abuse, sexual violence and abuse, emotional abuse, homicide, suicide, etc.
  • Risky behavior – These behaviors can be things such as >>>>>
  • FASDs – Drinking alcohol while pregnant can cause fetal alcohol syndrome and lead can also lead to miscarriage. 
  • Health issues – These can be chronic diseases and illnesses, like things such as: high blood pressure, cancer (breast cancer, throat cancer, liver cancer, etc.), heart disease, stroke,weakening of the immune system, digestive issues, and liver problems/disease. 
  • Family/social/learning issues – This can include things such as problems with being social, problems within the individual’s family, poor school performance, memory loss, unemployment, and a decline in productivity. 
  • Mental health issues – This can include co-occurring disorders, anxiety, depression, etc.
  • Addiction – Having an addiction to alcohol can cause many many issues including co-occurring disorders, social issues, family issues, wok problems, etc. Getting help/treatment before drinking can become an addiction would be preferred, but that isn’t always the case, but getting treatment is important either way.

How Can I Quit Drinking?

If you feel like your drinking is getting to be out of control, you probably find yourself asking “How to quit alcohol”? There are many different ways to quit drinking alcohol and these may or may not include going to a treatment facility. If you feel like you have a severe alcohol addiction, we strongly recommend not detoxing alone. The safest way to detox off any drugs or alcohol is at a professional treatment center. This way, you’ll be under the care of medical professionals. Alcohol & drug withdrawals can cause health complications. 

  • Keep a journal – Keeping a log of each time you partake in alcohol can help someone visualize how much drinking they actually do/how much alcohol they actually consume.
  • Create goals – Keeping and creating goals is an important way to celebrate small victories when trying to quit a destructive habit. 
  • Get help/ask for support – Before the drinking habit becomes an addiction or after the habit becomes an addiction. Cutting out drinking may not always be easy, so getting your family and friends on board will help with keeping you accountable and gaining some support. 
  • Stay away from peer pressure – Whether the pressure comes from acquaintances, friends, family, parties, or bars, staying away from people and places that may make you stumble may be a good idea. 
  • Stay busy and be persistent – Keeping busy can help to steer clear from temptation that may involve harmful drinking habits. This can also keep one’s mind off of alcohol and on to better things. Being persistent and constant in quitting alcohol is one of the main ways to shake this issue.
  • Seek professional addiction treatment – This could also be included in the “get help” category, but getting treatment or attending support group meetings would be a great and helpful way to quit this habit.

Get Sober At Atlanta Recovery Place

Here at Atlanta Recovery Place, we have many different treatment options that can help our clients to quit drinking. We provide individualized treatment options for each of our clients and provide resources/support for our clients once they receive treatment. We have inpatient treatment options, outpatient treatment options, and sober living options as well. Reach out to us today to find the perfect individualized treatment options and find support from many different professions who are willing to work with your needs.

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